Photo Books by Eric Rennie



The Last Testament of Mapledale Farm -- This book is a testament to a small New England dairy farm that had been in the author's family for more than a century.  His grandfather bought it in 1910, and his father grew up there during the Great Depression.  Faced with the eventual departure of the last remaining family member who lived there -- an aunt who had been around for nearly a century herself -- photographer Eric Rennie began documenting all that remained of his grandfather's farm, which he writes "was in many ways like an old photograph, seemingly frozen in place as the world moved on."  More  
  One's Own Eden -- "Celebrate not the Garden of Eden, but your own," Thoreau advised.  Writer and photographer Eric Rennie has taken this admonition to heart in this volume of luminous landscape images, most of which were photographed within walking distance of his home in a small New England river town. More