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Country Lane

July 13, 2017

"Nooks Hill Road Underpass at Dawn" by Eric Rennie

Years ago I set myself the task of photographing whatever I could find within walking distance of my house in Cromwell, CT, a small New England river town.  This image is part of a series on Nooks Hill Road, which runs from the Holy Apostles Seminary east for about one-and-a-half miles to the Connecticut River.  Travel its length and you will see much of it was developed before modern zoning laws.  Homes, factories, farms and a riding stable have all grown up side by side.  The two-lane road narrows at one point to a single lane to squeeze through an old stone railroad trestle.  The town’s taxpayers defeated a voter referendum some years ago that would have widened the underpass to two lanes – so much the better for my picture taking. 

This photograph is on display at the 82nd Annual National Art Exhibition at the Cooperstown Art Association Gallery in Cooperstown, NY.  The exhibit runs from July 14, 2017 until August 18, 2017.  The juror was artist Larry Brown.