Within Walking Distance

September 01, 2015

"Nooks Hill Factory Building" by Eric Rennie

Some years ago I set myself the task of photographing whatever I could find within walking distance of my house in the small New England river town where I live.  As it happens, I live within walking distance of farms, fields, factories, an old rail line, a tidal marsh, a state park overlooking the Connecticut River, a Catholic seminary whose grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead's landscape architecture firm and a large nursery behind my house that grows trees and shrubs.  I have photographed all of them at one time or another, although I confess I haven't always walked to my destination.  Photo equipment is heavy, and my knees are a bit gimpy these days.  

The factory above has changed hands a number of times in recent years and is a bit of an eyesore.  But even an eyesore can look beautiful in the right light.  The image is on display from September 11, 2015 to October 16, 2015 at the 35th Annual Juried Fine Art Competition at the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art in Savannah, GA.  The show's theme is entitled "A Sense of Place."